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Welcome to 1/12/2010

Hello, This is a new site for Arduino developers where you can share, document and even sell your projects. With the powerful database, you can connect components to your project, thus making it easy to find parts and information (datasheets) to build your project. Upload pictures, and sketches. Or embed videos to show of your work. Get yourself an account and start sharing!

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Some of the latest additions

The go-between shield. Easily reroute pins from bottom to top.

Go-Between Shield

switch pins and join unjoinable shields

Easily solder a grid to switch pins "between" shields. So unused pins can be rerouted to pins that two shields have in common and both need. A simple yet powerful shield that is a must have in any shield maniacs arsenal ;)... Read more

a picture of the DIL package 328.


8-bit AVR RISC-based microcontroller

The core of most Arduino projects, the decessor for the ATMega168 used in older Arduinos.

The high-performance Atmel 8-bit AVR RISC-based microcontroller combines 32KB ISP flash memory with read-while-write capabilities, 1KB EEPROM, 2KB SR... Read more

picture of the assembled ExtraCore.


1x1 inch Arduino Compatible board

URGENT help get this project started by visiting the Kickstarter page and preorder some boards!!! (se links for the kickstarter url).

This is a 1 by 1 inch arduino compatible board with mostly surface mounted components. The pad is... Read more

Picture of the Freetronics basic Protoboard

ProtoShield Basic for Arduino

Freetronics version of the Protoshield

Below info is from the Freetronics webstore:
Breadboards are great for quickly prototyping Arduino projects on the workbench, but they're really inconvenient if you want to make something a bit more permanent. The solution: a prototyping ... Read more

Picture of the Freeduino Protoshield with pin and hole assigments.

Freeduino Protoshield

All info and necessary files for making your own protoboard can be found at the site (see link list).
This design has a few good features:

power busses for +5V and GND in middle of board
central bus can be conf... Read more

Random Product
an image One Chip Arduino
"0'baka Project" means a stupid project. This project is to make things which is not art and which is not usable. Now, I am making "One chip arduino" by using ordinary parts.

-The circuit of LilyPad arduino is mounted on the DIP of ATmega8... Read more
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