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Welcome to 1/12/2010

Hello, This is a new site for Arduino developers where you can share, document and even sell your projects. With the powerful database, you can connect components to your project, thus making it easy to find parts and information (datasheets) to build your project. Upload pictures, and sketches. Or embed videos to show of your work. Get yourself an account and start sharing!

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Some of the latest additions

Picture showing the setup with all the demo mechanism attached.

RFID electronic lock

using a RC522 RFID module

This is a very simple product that uses the RC522 to create a super simple RFID passage system. Democode for both solenoid/digitalwrite kind of locks and servo locks are in the code.
Check out the video for a detailed walkthrough of the project.... Read more


RFID Reader Module

The MFRC522 is a highly integrated reader/writer IC for contactless communication
at 13.56 MHz. The MFRC522 reader supports ISO/IEC 14443 A/MIFARE mode.
The MFRC522’s internal transmitter is able to drive a reader/writer antenna designed ... Read more

Picture of the finished circuit DS18B20, relay and ATtiny85.

Getting Temp from DS18B20 to an ATtiny & control a relay

Here is episode 10 of Anything Arduino. In this episode we connect a DS18B20 to the Arduino. We download the OneWire library, and then go through how the scratchpad can be used and then we make a small circuit with an ATtiny to control a heater with ... Read more

Picture of the Apple remote and the Arduino setup to catch the commands from the Apple Remote.

Apple Remote as a Universal Remote Control using Arduino

Heres another episode of Anything Arduino. In this episode we make a small device that takes the IR signals from an Apple Remote and sends out completely different IR-signals to control any IR controllable device with the Apple remote. We download an... Read more

Pinout configuration of the Vishay tsop 38238


IR Receiver Modules for Remote Control Systems

The TSOP382.., TSOP384.. series are miniaturized
receivers for infrared remotecontrol systems. A PIN diode
and a preamplifier are assembled on a lead frame, the epoxy
package acts as an IR filter.
The demodulated output signal can... Read more

Random Product
an image One Chip Arduino
"0'baka Project" means a stupid project. This project is to make things which is not art and which is not usable. Now, I am making "One chip arduino" by using ordinary parts.

-The circuit of LilyPad arduino is mounted on the DIP of ATmega8... Read more
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