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Tools to speed up your DIY project management

This is the resource center, here we collect the information needed to start with arduino DIY and tools to speed up the work.

The first thing I put up here is some resources to do with Components. Check below for the facts and tools:

Component resources

Resource Description Applies to
Arduinos, Freeduinos! To work with an Arduino, you NEED an Arduino, it comes in all forms and shapes, see this list for a few, some you can build yourself, some you need to buy. Arduino, Freeduino
Component Datasheets When working with IC's it is good to know the characteristics of the component. That is when Datasheets come in handy. Components, IC
Resistor Color Coder A program to easily determine the value of a resistor, or to quickly find out what the colors should be for a specific value. Resistors
Capacitor Conversion Table Quickly find out what values your cryptic Capacitors have. Capacitors
Another Capacitor Conversion Table A "complete" list of Capacitor Codes and what they mean. Capacitors
Blocking Diodes @ A simple enough page to tell you how diodes work, and how to read the symbols. Diodes

Tools resources

Resource Description Applies to
A logic analyzer using the PC's parallel port Found this DIY Logic probe / Logic Analyzer/recorder, good for checking those digital ports and IC's. Logic analyzer, logic probe
Fritzing - Arduino project design software A very nice program for putting a thought into shape in software before doing it on the board. It is not perfect yet, but it is a software in progress, so they will add more parts etc etc over time I guess. Also a good way to document your arduino project. PCB design, breadbord design, documentation, creation
RJWSoft Schematic Publisher Create, capture and publish your creations schematics, a great program that takes care of partslists, wires, schematics, well ALMOST everything. Schematics, design

You are as always welcome to contact us with more useful information or tips that you might want to share with others.