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Description: SparkFun was founded in 2003 by Nathan Seidle, then a University of Colorado - Boulder engineering student. From meager beginnings (Nathan's college apartment), the company now employs over 90 people in an office in the outskirts of Boulder, Colorado. The SparkFun crew works in various departments such as engineering, marketing, production, shipping, and keg replenishment, all united in one common goal - Sharing Ingenuity.

What does "Sharing Ingenuity" mean? SparkFun believes everyone should have the tools, hardware, and resources to play with cool electronic gadgetry. SparkFun's goal is to get our hands on current technology and information and pass it on to you - we want to share the love! We set out to make finding the parts and information you need easier, more intuitive, and affordable so you can create your awesome projects. By getting technology in your hands, we think everyone is better off!

If you have more questions, go ahead and poke around the website, visit our forum or our IRC channel to chat, or send an email to And as always, feel free to let your geek shine - around here, we encourage it.


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