BCD to 7-segment latch/decoder/driver

Courtesy/Thanks to: NXP

Description: The HEF4511B is a BCD to 7-segment latch/decoder/driver with four address inputs (D0 to D3), an active HIGH latch enable input (LE), an active LOW ripple blanking input (BL), an active LOW lamp test input (LT), and seven active HIGHNPN bipolar transistor segment outputs (Qa to Qg).
When LE is LOW and BLis HIGH, the state of the segment outputs (Qa to Qg) is determined by the data on D0 to D3. When LE goes HIGH, the last data present on D0 to D3 is stored in the latches and the segment outputs remain unchanged. When LTis LOW, all of the segment outputs are HIGH independent of all other input conditions. With LT HIGH, a LOW on BLforces all segment outputs LOW. The inputs LTand BLdo not affect the latch circuit.
It operates over a recommended VDDpower supply range of 3 V to 15 V referenced to VSS (usually ground). Unused inputs must be connected to VDD, VSS, or another input.


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