One Chip Arduino

VERY Small Freeduino

Courtesy/Thanks to: Kimio Kosaka

Description: "0'baka Project" means a stupid project. This project is to make things which is not art and which is not usable. Now, I am making "One chip arduino" by using ordinary parts.

-The circuit of LilyPad arduino is mounted on the DIP of ATmega88.
-There are Reset-SW,Skech loading pin-header and LED of D13.
-Using internal clock 8MHz.
-Doesn't put ICSP pin-header because there is no space.
-Cost is less than 500yen($5).
-Source code of bootloader for the -ATmega88 which is made by Mr. And recompiled it with clock 8MHz.
-Writing the sketch uses an USB-Serial converter.


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