Really Bare Bones Board - Freeduino - Arduino-Compatible

Courtesy/Thanks to: Paul Badger

Description: This is a mini board designed for those experimental applications that require small processors, such as wearable computing, near space experiments, toy prototyping, artist's projects or any use for a fairly small, low-cost microcontroller. As far as we know, it's the smallest and most low-cost Arduino-compatible available right now.

Revision B is currently shipping

The RBBB kit shipS with a L4931CZ50-AP TO-92 low dropout regulator (300 mA), a 2.1mm power jack and the Diecimila bootloader. 7805 OR LM2940 TO-220 1A regulators make great alternatives if you need more power on your breadboard.

The board is designed to be easy to snip off parts that aren't being used, in the interest of making it as small as possible (see below).


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Paul Badger Paul Badger is an artist working in new media and public art. who teaches courses in physical comput
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