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16mhz_resonator.jpg Picture of the ZTT 16MHz resonator
2015-01-04_00_53_47-hef4511b.pdf__secured__-_foxit_reader.png pINCONFIGURATION FOR THE hef4511
2015-03-06_11_03_49-getting_temp_from_ds18b20_to_an_attiny___control_a_relay__anything_arduino__ep.1.png Picture of the finished circuit DS18B20, relay and ATtiny85.
2015-05-20_11_51_42-rfid.mp4_-_mediaspelaren_vlc.png Picture showing the setup with all the demo mechanism attached.
2015-09-02_21.31.09.jpg Picture of the Arduino Bumper Robot from Anything Arduino episode 15.
2015-09-21_08_55_22-ep17_1sheeld_accelerometer.mp4_-_mediaspelaren_vlc.png Picture of the robot being steered with an Android tablet and the 1Sheeld in action
2015-11-29_19_33_56-pir_sensor__motion_activated_halloween_scare_prank_courtesy_of_anything_arduino.png How to connect the MP3 module to the Arduino.
28byj-48.pdf Another Datasheet for the 28BYJ-48
555.pdf Datasheet for the NE555
555_diagram.png Wiring diagram for using a 555 as an external timer for the Arduino
555-556.gif Pin configuration for the 555 and 556 timers
555circuitpic.jpg Picture of the 555 external timer for Arduino circuit wiring on protoboard.
595_pin_diagram.png Pin configuration of the 74HC595
6248481.jpg Picture of the Battery shield.
7219.gif Pinconfiguration for the MAX7219, MAX7221
74hc_hct595_4.pdf Datasheet for the 74HC595 & 74HCT595
74ls595_7_seg.pdf Diagram for writing hexadecimal number 0-9 & A-F on a 7 segment display using the 595.
7segled.gif Pin configuration diagram for both common anode and common cathode 7-segment led displays. Shows whi
apple_remote_and_arduino.png Picture of the Apple remote and the Arduino setup to catch the commands from the Apple Remote.
apple_universal_remote_control_no_serial_tv_and_sat.ino The sketch file for the finished circuit in the video. This controls a TV and a satelite reciever wi
arduino_bumper_robot.ino The scetchfile for the Arduino Bumper Robot.
arduino_bumper_robot_595_1sheeld_and_pingsensor4.ino The sketch file for the Arduino Bumper Robot with 1Sheeld and the HC-SR04 Ping sensor
arduino_bumper_robot_595_1sheeld3.ino The sketch for the 1Sheeld Android accelerometer controlled bumper robot.
arduino_bumper_robot_595version2.ino Sketch file with a modified version of the Arduino Bumper Robot to use binary counting on a 74HC595
arduino_midi_shield.jpg Picture of the Arduino Midi Shield
arduino_protoshield_v6_detail.jpg Picture of the Freeduino Protoshield with pin and hole assigments.
arduino_protoshield_v6_pcb.jpg Picture of the Freeduino Protoshield without comments.
arduino_sd_shield.jpg Picture of the MicroSD shield for the Arduino
arduino316.jpg Picture of the Arduino electronic prototype platform.
arduino-usb-hid-small.jpg Picture of a Virtual USB Keyboard made on a ProtoShield
ardweeny.jpg Picture of an assembled Ardweeny
atmega328p.jpg a picture of the DIL package 328.
atmega328w.png Pin diagram and comparison diagram between the pins on the ATMega 328 and the Arduino.
atmel-attiny25-attiny45-attiny85_datasheet.pdf Datasheet for the ATtiny25, ATtiny45, ATtiny85
attiny_pinout_vs_arduino.jpg Pinout reference sheet between Arduino and the Attiny45, ATtiny85, Attiny44 and Attiny84.
attiny45-85.png Picture of the pinouts when using the ATtiny 45 or ATtiny 85 as an Arudino
battery-shield_schematic.png Schematics for the Battery Shield.
bbbreve300.jpg Picture of the Bare Bones Board
boardino.jpg Picture of the DC Boarduino
capacitor_conversion.htm Capacitor conversion table, that makes it easier to find out what the capacitor values.
chainduino.jpg Picture of the chainduino (prototype version)
common_anode_4digit_7_segment_led_display.ino Sketch file for the 4 digit 7 segment led display tutorial, as explained in Anything Arduino Episode
common_anode_7_segment_led_display.ino A sketch that displays 0-9 on a common anode 7-segment led display.
digitrac.png Screenshot of the diy logic analyzer
ds18b20.pdf Datasheet for the DS18B20
ds18x20_temperature_last.ino The sketchfile for this project.
enc28j60.jpg Picture of the ENC28J60.
enc28j60.pdf Datasheet for the ENC28J60. FAT16 Library. Use the FAT16 library to create, read and write to files located on the microSD ca
finishedcube.jpg Picture of Jamies Physical Gmail Notifier.
four_digit_595_1234.ino The sketchfile for Episode 22 of Anything Arduino, how to connect the 4 digit 7 segment led display
freeduino_motor6.jpg Picture of the assembeled Freeduino Motor shield.
fritzing_screenshot.jpg A screenshot of the Fritzing software. Showing an arduino connected to a breadboard with a n LED.
go_between_shield_schematic.pdf Schematics for the Go-Between shield.
go_between_shield_users_guide.pdf Users guide for the Go-Between shield. Check Mayhew homepage for the latest version of the file.
gobetweenshield.jpg The go-between shield. Easily reroute pins from bottom to top.
hdr_ti_logo.gif Texas Instruments Logo
hef4511b.pdf Datasheet for the HEF4511.
humtempcontroller.ino The sketch for the humidity and temperature controller. This one is with debugging code that blinks
humtempcontroller.png A picture of the finished project hanging on the wall
img_1960.jpg Pictre of a prototype board with the USB-interface on.
img_2329.jpg Diagram that shows how to light up the LEDs to display specific numbers. Works for both common anode
img_2379.jpg The diagram for the binary values to send to the 74hc595 to display the different numbers on a 7-seg
img_2383.jpg Picture showing the setup arduino-595-7segment led display
img_4301.jpg Picture of the robot with the Ping sensor attached.
img_4717.jpg The connection table for the sketch in Anything Arduino Episode 22.
ir_demodulator.png Pinout configuration of the Vishay tsop 38238
ladyada_protoshield.jpg Picture of the LadyAda protoshield
larsonviaportbd_b.pde Sketch for the Port Manipulation Larson scanner with trailing effect.
led7segment4_6.jpg Image of a 4 digit 7 segment led display.
make-your-own-1x1-22-io-pin-ardunio-compatible.jpg picture of the assembled ExtraCore.
mapbh.gif Simple power supply from 9V to 5V used in this project.
max_logo_header_inno.gif Maxim logo
mfrc522.pdf Datasheet for the RC522
microsd_shield-v10.pdf Schematics of the Arduino microSD shield Example code for the Midi Shield.
midi_shield-v13.pdf Schematics for the Midi Shield
miniduino_pinout_reference_sheet.png Pinout reference sheet for the Mini Duino+ (prototype).
one_chip_arduino.jpg Picture of the One Chip Arduino
photoresistor.jpg Picture of a standard Photo resistor.
photoresistor_test.pde A test sketch to demonstrate how and what values a photo resistor sends.
physicalgmailnotifier.pde The Arduino Scetch for the Physical Gmail Notifier. Also requires a pySerial program.
physicalgmailnotifier_pyserial.txt The pySerial code for the Physical Gmail Notifier.
pir_sensor_example_with_sound.ino The sketch for the PIR sensor motion detection with arduino. Used in the Halloween scare prank proje
practical-arduino-cover-small.jpg Cover picture of Practical Arduino
psb-top-parts-on_large.jpg Picture of the Freetronics basic Protoboard
pyserial.png Logotype for the pySerial interface program
rbb_arduino_cylon_scanner.jpg Picture of a really bare bone arduino cylon scanner. Using only 10 leds, 1 resonator and one atmega
rbbbrevb_300.jpg Picture of the Real Bare Bones Board
rbbbrevb_3bds_300.jpg Picture on how to cut the pcb board to minimize space even further.
resistor_color_coder.jpg Screenshot of the Resistor Color Coder
rfid_lock.ino The sketch file for the RFID electronic lock project.
sainsmart_relay_board.png Schematics for one channel of the Sain Smart relay boards, 1ch,2ch,4ch, and 8ch all use the same sch
sainsmart-2-channel-5v-relay-module.jpg Picture of the 2channel relay board from Sain Smart.
schempubmain.gif Screenshot from the Schematic Publisher program by Ray Wilson
screen_shot_2015-12-20_at_23.41.53.png Picture of the circuit made in Anything Arduino Episode 22.
seeeduino.jpg Picture of the Seeeduino.
sparkfun_arduino-1.jpg Another picture of the Arduino, size compare with a quater dollar.
sparkfun_logo.gif The Sparkfun logo
sparkfun_protoshield.jpg Picture of the SparkFun protoshield kit.
stepper-motor-28bjy-48-datasheet.pdf Datasheet for the 28BYJ-48
tlc5940.pdf Datasheet for the TLC5940.
tlc5940_pinout.jpg Pinout for the TLC5940
tsop382_pinout.png Pinout for TSOP38238.
tsop38238.pdf Datasheet for the Vishay TSOP38238 V38238.
using_a_74595_adruino_7_segment_led_display.ino .ino file for the 595 control of 7-segment LED display
virtualusbkeyboard.pde Sketch file for the Virtual USB Keyboard project.
virtual-usb-keyboard-schematic-small.jpg Schematics for the Virtual USB Keyboard interface between the Arduino and the USB port.
xbee_shield_assembled.png Picture of assembled xbee shield kit from NKC electronics
zttresonator.pdf Datasheet for the ZTT series resonators.