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2015-01-04_00_53_47-hef4511b.pdf__secured__-_foxit_reader.png pINCONFIGURATION FOR THE hef4511
7segled.gif Pin configuration diagram for both common anode and common cathode 7-segment led displays. Shows whi
arduino_protoshield_v6_detail.jpg Picture of the Freeduino Protoshield with pin and hole assigments.
atmega328w.png Pin diagram and comparison diagram between the pins on the ATMega 328 and the Arduino.
attiny_pinout_vs_arduino.jpg Pinout reference sheet between Arduino and the Attiny45, ATtiny85, Attiny44 and Attiny84.
attiny45-85.png Picture of the pinouts when using the ATtiny 45 or ATtiny 85 as an Arudino
battery-shield_schematic.png Schematics for the Battery Shield.
img_2379.jpg The diagram for the binary values to send to the 74hc595 to display the different numbers on a 7-seg
img_4717.jpg The connection table for the sketch in Anything Arduino Episode 22.
ir_demodulator.png Pinout configuration of the Vishay tsop 38238
miniduino_pinout_reference_sheet.png Pinout reference sheet for the Mini Duino+ (prototype).
tsop382_pinout.png Pinout for TSOP38238.